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Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA) (Hagerstown MD)

  • Corrections and Reentry: Protected Health Information Privacy Framework for Information Sharing

    "This resource was designed to enable correctional entities to comply with HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 in the receipt or sharing of PHI [public health

  • Time-In-Cell: The ASCA-Liman 2014 National Survey of Administrative Segregation in Prison

    "By facilitating cross-jurisdictional comparisons of the rules and practices that surround administrative segregation, this Report both reflects an

  • Aiming to Reduce Time-In-Cell: Reports from Correctional Systems on the Numbers of Prisoners in Restricted Housing and on the Potential of Policy Changes to Bring About Reforms

    This report "provides the only current, comprehensive data on the use of restricted housing, in which individuals are held in their cells for 22 ho

  • Performance-Based Measures System Counting Rules: Revised Key Indicators and Characteristics

    This document provides correctional facilities definitions and the rules for maintaining statistics for their institutions.

  • Performance-Based Measures System Resource Manual

    PBMS is an automated web-based system developed by ASCA for collecting, managing, and sharing accurate adult prison-based corrections data that wil