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Center for American Progress (CAP) (Washington, DC)

One Strike and You're Out: How We can Eliminate Barriers to Economic Security and Mobility for People with Criminal Records

This report explains how all levels of government and society can work to ensure that criminal records do not lead to structural racism and poverty.    

Restoring Justice: A Blueprint for Ensuring Fairness, Safety, and Supportive Treatment of LGBT Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

This brief explains what works for LGBT youth by outlining the critical components of model juvenile justice policies and sample language.

Dignity Denied: LGBT Immigrants in U.S. Detention

This report provides a vivid picture of how LGBT immigrants are abused in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facilities.

Infographic: Why Are So Many LGBT People and People Living with HIV Behind Bars?

This is an illustration of why there are a significant number of HIV positive lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals housed in correctional facilities.

Beyond Bullying: How Hostile School Climate Perpetuates the School-to-Prison Pipeline for LGBT Youth

This is report explains how school climate impacts LGBT students, and is a crucial factor in pushing these students into the juvenile justice system.

How the Prison Rape Elimination Act Helps LGBT Immigrants in Detention

This document explains the use of PREA in detention facilities to establish a “zero tolerance standard” for rape and to protect LGBT immigrants.

A Broken Bargain: Discrimination, Fewer Benefits and More Taxes for LGBT Workers

[This report] provides a first-of-its kind look at the ways inequitable laws impose across-the-board hardships that undermine both the economic security of millions of workers and the ability of businesses to recruit, employ and retain the best and brightest.

The Top 5 Facts About Women in Our Criminal Justice System

This report describes the top five facts about women incarcerated in the United States.

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