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Correctional Service of Canada. Research Branch (Ottawa Ontario)

Literature regarding emotional intelligence (E.I.) is reviewed. Sections following an executive summary are: introduction; E.I. models -- Salovey and Mayer's Ability Model, Bar-On, Goleman's Model, Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale (LEAS), and the Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SREIT); comparing E.I. models; emotional intelligence and related constructs; E.I. in applied settings; E.I. and the Correctional Service of Canada; controversies, limitations; and directions for future research; and conclusions. Also provided is a glossary of statistical terms.

A Review of the Emotional Intelligence Literature and Implications for Corrections Cover

This website provides access to information about restorative justice approaches for the Correctional Service of Canada. Points of entry are: services; victim offender mediation; Restorative Justice Week; National Ron Wiebe Restorative Justice Award; resources; and contact information.

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