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  • Greening Juvenile Justice

    The strength of this article is in its discussion of an often forgotten part of greening a facility-the use of environmentally safe cleaning produc

  • Mastering Your Role As a Front-Line Effective Supervisor: 10 Keys To Build Towards Success

    This is an excellent overview of what it takes for you to be a truly successful front-line supervisor.

  • Taking it on the Chin: Legislatively Imposed Internet Restrictions for Sex Offenders

    Recent court cases (2013) concerning the restricted use of the Internet by sex offenders are reviewed. These cases are: Doe v. Nebraska; Doe v.

  • Holidays Are Dangerous Times Within Correctional Facilities

    This is essential reading for anyone working within a correctional setting.

  • Personal Safety inside Prison

    This article should be necessary reading for all correctional staff and administration.

  • Hazmat Suit for the Soul

    This three part series addresses the issue of corrections fatigue and how corrections staff can deal with it by developing "hazmat suits for their

  • Drones and Corrections

    This website is a great resource for recent news about the use of drones to get contraband into prisons and jails by dropping it into exercise yard