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Drones and Corrections

This website provides recent news about the use of drones to drop contraband into prison and jail exercise yards and other exterior areas.

Hazmat Suit for the Soul

This series addresses the issue of corrections fatigue and how to deal with it by developing responses to daily stress and dangerous incidents.

Personal Safety inside Prison

This article explains how to always maintain a basic awareness or vigilance concerning safety for ourselves and others.

Understanding Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations

This article discusses the impact of USPSTF recommendations about mammogram breast cancer screening on screening mammography in prisons.

Holidays Are Dangerous Times Within Correctional Facilities

This article discusses how criminal justice personnel have to factor in the possibility of terrorist activities directed at them and their facilities.

Taking it on the Chin: Legislatively Imposed Internet Restrictions for Sex Offenders

This publication reviews court cases concerning the restricted use of the Internet by sex offenders.

Mastering Your Role As a Front-Line Effective Supervisor: 10 Keys To Build Towards Success

This article presents the 10 essential things that you need to be a truly successful front-line supervisor.

Greening Juvenile Justice

The strength of this article is its discussion of the forgotten part of greening a facility—the use of environmentally safe cleaning products and practices.

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