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Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) (Boston, MA)

Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Community Corrections: Quality Assurance Manual

This manual provides a simple and straightforward approach to implementing evidence-based practice.

Evidence-Based Practice: Principles for Enhancing Correctional Results in Prisons

This paper will provide prison staff with information to enhance their mananagement of female prisons.

Evidence-Based Practice to Reduce Recidivism: Implications for State Judiciaries

The reduction of recidivism by state judiciaries utilizing six principles of evidence-based practice (EBP) is explained.

Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Community Corrections: The Principles of Effective Intervention

This report describes what the principles of effective evidence-based intervention are.


Analyzing Bond Supervision Survey Data: The Effects of Pretrial Detention on Self-Reported Outcomes

This study's aim is to shed light on what the impact of pretrial detention may be on several non-Criminal Justice related outcomes.

Pretrial Assistance to California Counties: (PACC): Humboldt County Technical Assistance Report

This article discusses ways that Corrections Fatigue can impact the well-being of mental health professionals who work in jail and prison setting.

Restrictive Housing FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)which informs the reader about concerns surrounding the use of restrictive housing, and its impact on inmates.

Creating an Effective Pretrial Program: A Toolkit for Practitioners

This toolkit offers guidance to county officials on how to develop and operate effective pretrial policies and practices.

Constitutional Implications of Restrictive Housing

The conditions in restrictive housing require careful review for any correctional facility. This brief looks at areas of legal challenges in corrections.

The Costs of Pretrial Justice

This series of briefs from CJI explore the cost of pretrial and how to apply cost-benefit analysis to pretrial decision making.


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