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Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) (Boston, MA)

Health Care Reform and County Criminal Justice Systems: An Introduction to Health Care Reform and the Opportunities and Challenges for County Criminal Justice Systems

This course provides an overview of how upcoming changes to California’s health care system will impact local criminal justice systems.

Putting the Pieces Together: Practical Strategies for Implementing Evidence-Based Practices

This manual is designed to be used both as a checklist of key management concepts and as a reminder of important organizational issues that need to be addressed to achieve positive public safety outcomes in an evidence-based environment.

Evidence-Based Practice Skills Assessment for Criminal Justice Organizations, Version 1.0

The EBPSA guide summarizes how using the EBPSA can enhance an organization’s ability to become a more effective evidence-based organization. 

Women and Reentry: Foundations for Success

This brief covers the need to better identify effective strategies to help women overcome challenges as they transition to their communities.

Implementing Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in Community Corrections: Second Edition

This is a guide for agencies to transform themselves into evidence-based organizations.

Effective Clinical Practices in Treating Clients in the Criminal Justice System

This monograph is intended to strengthen and improve the dissemination of evidence-based rehabilitative technologies for offenders.

Legal and Evidence Based Practices: Application of Legal Principles, Laws, and Research to the Field of Pretrial Services

Critical legal principles applicable to defendants during the pretrial stage are covered.

Our System of Corrections: Do Jails Play a Role in Improving Offender Outcomes?

This document will review the role of jails and incarceration within United States' correctional systems

Using Research to Promote Public Safety: A Prosecutor's Primer on Evidence-Based Practice

This paper focuses primarily on those intervention principles most likely to be encountered by the prosecution.

Evidence-Based Practices and Criminal Defense: Opportunities, Challenges, and Practical Considerations

Guidance is provided to criminal defense attorneys concerning the use of evidence-based practices (EBP).


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