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Georgia Dept. of Corrections. Operations Planning & Training Division (Atlanta GA)

Chronic care clinic procedures and protocols are provided for the following areas: cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal, hypertension, infectious disease, seizure, pulmonary, tuberculosis infection, and men's and women's wellness clinics. The document, "Drug Formulary," by the Georgia Department of Corrections is included.

Chronic Care Clinics: Protocols and Clinic Procedures Cover

While specifically designed for Georgia, this handbook's format is a great example of an offender reentry handbook. It is based upon the Template from the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Sections following a "GDC Offender Reentry Model" flowchart include: introduction—getting organized; identification; housing; employment; careers; programs inside GDC; work ethics; transportation; money management; education; incarcerated veterans program; selective service; applying for Social Security; health and life skills; mental health services; alcohol, other drugs (AOD), and recovery; family and friend relationships; child support; living under supervision; and Georgia specific community resource contact information.

Reentry Skills Building Handbook, 2015 cover
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