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Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) (Houston TX)

  • Assessing Pretrial Risk without a Defendant Interview

    "Although the use of pretrial risk assessments has increased in recent years, the proportion of jurisdictions employing these instruments remains l

  • The Hidden Costs of Pretrial Detention

    "The release-and-detention decision takes into account a number of different concerns, including protecting the community, the need for defendants

  • Investigating the Impact of Pretrial Detention on Sentencing Outcomes

    "Each time a person is arrested and accused of a crime, a decision must be made as to whether the accused person, known as the defendant, will be d

  • Exploring the Impact of Supervision on Pretrial Outcomes

    "The current study seeks to investigate the effect of pretrial supervision on the likelihood of failure to appear (FTA) and new criminal activity (