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A Review of the Jail Function Within State Unified Corrections Systems

This paper describes some of the more common methods for evaluating correctional programs, and is designed to address program effectiveness.

Improving Pretrial Assessment and Supervision in Colorado

The Colorado Improving Supervised Pretrial Release (CISPR) Project, an innovative pretrial initiative, is described.

Pretrial Defendants: Are They Getting Too Much of a Good Thing?

The use of the Step Forward program offered by the Oakland County Community Corrections Division (OCCCD) is explained.

Pretrial Rearrests Among Domestic Violence Defendants in New York City

Pretrial rearrest among New York domestic violence (DV) defendants is examined.

Charge Speciality and Revictimization by Defendants Charged with Domestic Violence Offenses

Results from a study of the non-specialization of individuals charged with domestic violence (DV) and the relationship between DV and assaultive and criminal behaviors are reported.

Topics in Community Corrections, Annual Issue 2008: Applying Evidence-Based Practices in Pretrial Services

This annual issue of Topics in Community Corrections covers the use of evidence-based practices in pretrial services.

An Overview of NIC's Transition from Prison to the Community Initiative

The Transition from Prison to the Community (TPC) Initiative, launched by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is described.

Collaboration and Partnership in the Community: Advancing the Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Initiative

This article examines five key attributes of partnership and collaboration deemed essential to the Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Initiative (MPRI).

Creating Better Transitions at Indiana's Plainfield Reentry Educational Facility

This article highlights the "flagship" of Indiana's reentry initiatives -- the Plainfield Reentry Educational Facility (PREF).

Ensuring Successful Offender Reentry: Umatilla/Morrow County "Reach-In" Services

The use of reach-in, a simple method of contacting an offender in custody, to improve the transition process is explained.


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