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Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Collaboration for Change (NCMHJJ) (Delmar, NY)

Trauma Among Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

Using a trauma-informed approach, juvenile justice systems can improve outcomes for justice-involved youth.

Diverting Youth at Probation Intake: The Front-End Diversion Initiative

This brief covers the FEDI effort in Texas to divert youth with suspected mental health needs away from juvenile justice processing.

Co-occurring Disorders Among Youth in Juvenile Justice

A collection of infographics present the activity of the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) over Fiscal Year 2013.

Mental Health Screening in Juvenile Justice Settings

This website provides an overview of screening and an excellent guide describing a four phases, ten-step process.

Family Involvement in the Juvenile Justice System

This web-based guide explains why family-centered protocols and interventions are essential if rehabilitation and behavioral change are the goals.

Juvenile Diversion Strategies and Models

This overview looks at juvenile diversion and includes 16 steps for implementing a successful diversion program.

Implementing Evidence-Based Practices

This is a resource which was featured on the previous Collaborative for Change website. The Collaborative for Change website has been retired but we have housed this resource as a PDF document. The document will remain as is and is no longer being updated as of September 2016.

Preventing Suicide Among Justice-Involved Youth: Newly Developed Tools, Recommendations, and Research

<p>This webinar will summarize the work of the Juvenile Justice Task Force and include in-depth discussion of the research findings and recommendations.</p>

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