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Models for Change (Washington, DC)

The Supreme Court and the Transformation of Juvenile Sentencing [and Accompanying Briefs]

This report addresses the issues facing courts and legislatures, and provides guidance based on the Supreme Court’s Eighth Amendment analysis.

Trends in Juvenile Justice State Legislation 2011-2015

Recent trends in juvenile justice legislation across the country represent a significant new direction to broadly reform justice systems.

Information Sharing Tool Kit – Second Edition

This toolkit assists jurisdictions in implementing information and data sharing initiatives that support juvenile justice reform initiatives.

Using Evidence-Based Interventions with Youth Who Have Committed Sexual Offenses

This report explains how other agencies can use ERASOR to strengthen their responses to sexual offending by youth.

Facilitating Health Care Coverage for Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth

Sections of this brief cover: the issue of Medicaid coverage for justice-involved youth; innovations—Medicaid eligibility options (suspending eligibility, continuous eligibility, and presumptive eligibility), expedited Medicaid enrollment, and outreach; lessons learned; and looking forward.

Facilitating Access to Health Care Coverage for Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth

This report outlines federal and state eligibility, enrollment, and outreach strategies that can help facilitate seamless coverage for system-involved youth.

Probation Review Implementation: How Best Practices Meet Everyday Practices

Results are presented from a comprehensive Probation Review of Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish.

Dual Status Youth – Technical Assistance Workbook

The workbook is designed “to provide practical guidance for state and local jurisdictions in their endeavor to improve the outcomes for dual status youth and families and to enhance system performance among the critical youth- and family-serving agency partners … [and] serves as an accompaniment to the newly revised Guidebook for Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare System Coordination and Integration: A Framework for Improved Outcomes.

Guidebook for Juvenile Justice & Child Welfare System Coordination and Integration: A Framework for Improved Outcomes

The Guidebook is designed to help jurisdictions engage in a process to determine what integration and coordination efforts will best achieve improved outcomes for children and families and the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

Eliminating the Practice of Indiscriminate Shackling of Youth

Juvenile defenders involved in the Juvenile Indigent Defense ActionNetwork (JIDAN) developed a variety of strategic innovations to end the indiscriminate shackling of youth.


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