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National Association of Counties (NACo) (Washington, DC)

"This study is the first to examine the participation of county jails in pretrial release. The report identifies the pretrial status and risk level of the county jail population and variations across counties of different population sizes. Further, this research analyzes the challenges that county jails face with their pretrial and overall jail population. The study details to what extent county jails use community based programs to release pretrial detainees from confinement in jail and supervise them in the community. In addition, the research examines the presence of other county policies and practices that may result in the release of the pretrial population from jail. This report provides a first step in understanding the role of counties in pretrial release" (p. 7). Sections following an executive summary include: introduction; key terms; Finding 1—the majority of the jail population is pretrial and low risk; Finding 2—counties are caught between courts' decision-making and increases in the jail population and jail costs; Finding 3—some county jails supervise pretrial detainees outside of confinement; and conclusion.

County Jails at a Crossroads: An Examination of the Jail Population and Pretrial Release cover

"Medicaid allows for—and the federal government encourages—continued eligibility for coverage for a person who is incarcerated. Although the ACA [Affordable Care Act] did not address suspension versus termination, for states that are expanding Medicaid the number of inmates eligible for coverage will increase dramatically and the benefits to counties of suspending instead of terminating their coverage will be substantial" (p. 1). This brief addresses issues associated with suspending Medicaid coverage for prisoners. Sections cover: why ensuring access to Medicaid post-release is important to counties; access to treatment positively impacts public safety; what the difference is between suspension and termination of Medicaid coverage; states that suspend rather than terminate; what counties can do with highlights from Maricopa County (AZ), Salt Lake City (UT), California, and Oregon.

Health Coverage and County Jails: Suspension vs. Termination Cover

Hundreds of data indicators can be mapped. These are organized according the topical areas of county administration, county employment, county finance, country structure, demographics, economy, education, energy and environment, federal funding, geography, health and hospitals, housing and community development, justice and public safety, public amenities, public lands, social services, transportation, utility, and water, sewerage, and solid waste management. You can search by city-zip code, county, or state.

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"The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has set off reforms in health care systems across the country, including in county jails … Many of those who cycle in and out of county jails may now be able to obtain health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace or expanded Medicaid. County jails are therefore in a unique position to connect those in their custody with health insurance during pretrial detention or prior to discharge. Evidence suggests this could contribute to reduced health care and criminal justice costs to the county and lower jail operating costs. This brief will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the ACA and how it relates to county jails" (p. 1). Answers provided cover: which offenders are eligible for coverage under the ACA; whether jails can bill Marketplace insurance plans for pretrial detainees; whether jails can bill Marketplace insurance plans for sentenced inmates; whether jails can bill Medicaid for pretrial detainees or sentenced inmates; whether Medicaid or Marketplace insurance plans will pay for court-ordered services; the 10 categories of items and services that are considered Essential Health Benefits; what to do if the open enrollment period has closed for the year; the number of inmates a jail can enroll; the differences between suspending and terminating Medicaid coverage; the states that suspend rather than terminate Medicaid; whether individuals can enroll if your state did not expand Medicaid; and how you can find out what your state and county are doing to implement the ACA.

The Affordable Care Act Cover

“This is a guide for elected officials seeking to enhance existing or develop new pretrial justice practices in rural areas. By identifying the characteristics, strengths and challenges in rural jurisdictions and combining these factors with the lessons and experiences of urban, suburban and rural pretrial justice programs, national standards and best practices, this guide offers a set of recommendations to enhance local policies and practices within the context of rural settings” (p. 3). Sections cover: pretrial justice today—the evidence for enhancing pretrial justice, and pretrial justice policy statements and standards; applying the elements of pretrial justice in rural counties—pretrial justice program functions, and policies affecting pretrial justice; and recommendations for elected county officials in rural areas.

The Delivery of Pretrial Justice in Rural Areas: A Guide for Rural County Officials Cover
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