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National Association of Pretrial Service Agencies (NAPSA) (Washington, DC)

Using Front End Interventions To Achieve Public Safety And Healthy Communities

A key objective of the 2017 symposium was to introduce the concept of front-end interventions as a variety of activities occurring at the pretrial stage to respond to crime, other than traditional arrest and case processing.

Pretrial Release and Probation: What is the Same and What is Different?

This paper is designed to be a part of the helpful literature that jurisdictions can use to develop lawful and effective pretrial systems, especially when those systems will be operating within probation entities or combined with probation functions.

Promising Practices in Pretrial Diversion

This monograph reviews promising and emerging practices, major issues and findings, and challenges and opportunities in pretrial diversion.

Measuring for Results: Outcome and Performance Measures for Pretrial Diversion Field

This publication outlines suggested outcome and performance measures and critical operational data for pretrial diversion programs.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Pretrial System: A "Front Door" to Health and Safety

This publication provides a general idea of what the ACA entails and explains how it can be used with pretrial detainees.

Standards on Pretrial Release

This document covers thirty-four standards on effective procedures governing the release or detention of arrested individuals.

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