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National Center for Juvenile Justice (NCJJ) (Pittsburgh, PA)

Measuring Subsequent Offending in Juvenile Probation

This report presents the results from a 2014 review of 13 states that provided recidivism research regarding youth on probation.

Juvenile Justice Geography, Policy Practice and Statistics (JJGPS)

Juvenile Justice GPS (Geography, Policy Practice & Statistics) is an online repository providing visitors with a sweeping view of the juvenile justice landscape across states and a place to make comparisons and chart change.

Statewide Risk Assessment in Juvenile Probation

<p>This report is a thorough systematic scan of the U.S. to determine the extent to which risk assessment tools have been adopted across the country.</p>

Statistical Briefing Book

The SBB provides information and statistics about juvenile crime, victimization, and youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

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