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National Center for State Courts (NCSC) (Williamsburg VA)

  • Community Corrections Response to Domestic Violence: Guidelines for Practice

    This document provides “conceptual information and practical tools to develop or enhance” an effective “proactive community supervision approach fo

  • Workload and Resource Assessment: Resource Guide

    “Systematically assessing the number or people, appropriate resources, and measures of caseloads is critical for ensuring that courts and related a

  • Effective Responses to Offender Behavior: Lessons Learned from Probation and Parole Supervision

    “Using effective strategies to keep probationers and parolees crime- and drug-free and curb their revocation rates is among the most important issu

  • A Community Court Grows in Brooklyn: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Red Hook Community Justice Center: Final Report

    This study examines the effectiveness of the Red Hook Community Justice Center (RHCJC) in tackling multiple problems that contribute to crime, publ

  • Using Risk and Needs Assessment Information at Sentencing: Observations from Ten Jurisdictions

    "RNA [risk and needs assessment] instruments are actuarial tools designed to inform community corrections-related decisions regarding risk manageme