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National Institute Of Justice (NIJ) (Washington DC)

  • Do Batterer Intervention Programs Work? Two Studies

    Results from two studies regarding the effectiveness of batterer intervention programs are relayed.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Criminal Justice Reforms

    This article examines the major considerations to be taken when performing a cost-benefit analysis (CBA).

  • NIJ's Multisite Adult Drug Court Evaluation

    This website provides access to materials related to the National Institute of Justice’s Multisite Adult Drug Court Evaluation (MADCE).

  • Predicting Recidivism Risk: New Tool in Philadelphia Shows Great Promise

    “As ever-increasing numbers of offenders are supervised in the community - witness the massive “realignment” of prisoners in California - parole an

  • An Evaluation of Sex Offender Registry Restrictions in Michigan and Missouri

    The impact of registry restrictions on sex offenders is examined by determining this population’s housing locations, recidivism patterns, and the c

  • Criminal Stigma, Race, Gender, and Employment: An Expanded Assessment of the Consequences of Imprisonment for Employment

    This report provides a very good look at how criminal records, race, and gender impact chances for employment.

  • "Swift and Certain" Sanctions in Probation Are Highly Effective: Evaluation of the HOPE Program

    “The HOPE program - Hawaii's Opportunity Probation with Enforcement - is an experimental probation program that emphasizes the delivery of "swift a

  • Through Their Eyes: How Prisoners Make Sense of Their Incarceration

    This is an excellent article if you want to understand how inmates feel about incarceration.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Guide for Drug Courts and Other Criminal Justice Programs

    "As resource constraints have tightened, the role of researchers in informing evidence-based and cost-effective decisions about the use of funds, l

  • Criminal Justice Restraints Standard NIJ Standard 1001.00

    "This standard specifies the minimum requirements for form and fit, performance, testing, documentation and labeling of restraints intended to be u

  • Mending Justice: Sentinel Event Reviews

    In this publication, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) explores the feasibility of mobilizing an “organizational accident,” learning-from-err

  • Equipment and Technology Research on Body-Worn Cameras and Law Enforcement

    "To date, little research is available to help law enforcement executives decide whether and how to implement the use of body-worn cameras in their

  • Community-Based Responses to Justice-Involved Young Adults

    "This bulletin proposes a new criminal justice paradigm for young men and women ages 18 to 24.

  • Crime, Violence & Victimization Research Division's Compendium of Research on Violence Against Women, 1993-2014

    "For over forty years, NIJ has invested in research on violence against women.

  • Administrative Segregation in U.S. Prisons [Executive Summary and Report]

    "Administrative segregation, the preferred term among correctional administrators, refers to both a classification and a type of unit.

  • HOPE II: A Followup Evaluation of Hawai'i's HOPE Probation

    "Hawai'i’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) Hawai'i’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement probation relies on a regimen of regular,

  • Shackled to Debt: Criminal Justice Financial Obligations and the Barriers to Re-Entry They Create

    The "authors discuss the long-term and unintended consequences of criminal justice financial obligations (CJFOs): fines, forfeiture of property, co

  • NIJ’s Multisite Adult Drug Court Evaluation

    This website provides access to materials related to the National Institute of Justice’s Multisite Adult Drug Court Evaluation (MADCE).