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National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN) (Washington DC)

  • Doing It Right: Risk Assessment in Juvenile Justice

    “The use of risk assessment instruments in juvenile justice systems across the country is growing rapidly.

  • Doing it Right: Risk Assessment in Juvenile Justice - an NJJN Webinar

    “When your juvenile justice system puts youth on probation, does it assess them for risk?

  • How to Calculate the Average Costs of Detaining a Youth

    “This toolkit demonstrates how to calculate the average costs of housing a youth in detention.

  • The Comeback and Coming-from-Behind States: An Update on Youth Incarceration in the United States

    This report “highlights the continued positive trend in the nine states leading the nation on reducing incarceration, and showcases a handful of st

  • Arrested Development: Confinement Can Negatively Affect Youth Maturation

    Anyone working with juvenile offenders should read this.

  • Unchain the Children: Policy Opportunities to End the Shackling of Youth in Court

    "This policy update explores the reasons why states should end the indiscriminate shackling of youth and highlights the strategies states and local

  • Unchain the Children: Policy Opportunities to Stop Shackling Children in Court [Webinar]

    "Children in far too many states are forced to appear in court shackled - often wearing handcuffs, leg irons, and belly chains connecting ankle and