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Policy Research Associates, Inc. (Delmar, NY)

Screening and Assessment of Co-occurring Disorders in the Justice System

This monograph examines evidence-based practices for screening and assessment of people in the justice system who have co-occurring disorders.

Municipal Courts: An Effective Tool for Diverting People with Mental and Substance Use Disorders from the Criminal Justice System

This article explains how offenders with mental illness or substance abuse disorders making their first municipal court appearance can be diverted.

Trauma-Informed Juvenile Justice and Mental Health Systems: Why We Need Them, How to Move Forward Toward Them

This webinar covers evidence-based and efficient methods of screening and assessment for juvenile diversion programs.

An Innovative Program Model for Mental Health Clinic Services for Correctional Reentry Populations: The Fortune Society’s Better Living Center

This article describes the program’s development, implementation, funding, four critical keys to success, and future directions.

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