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Pretrial Justice Institute (PJI) (Washington, DC)

Pretrial Justice: The Colorado Story

This video chronicles their journey so far in working to establish safe, fair, and effective pretrial justice in Colorado.

Unsecured Bonds: The Most Effective and Efficient Pretrial Release Option

This report provides empirical evidence about the effectiveness of unsecure bonds compared to secure bonds in safeguarding public safety.

Principles of an Effective Criminal Justice Response to the Challenges and Needs of Drug-Involved Individuals

This report outlines ten operating guidelines that define highly-successful system-level responses to address the needs of drug involved individuals. 

The Delivery of Pretrial Justice in Rural Areas: A Guide for Rural County Officials

This is a guide for elected officials seeking to enhance existing or develop new pretrial justice practices in rural areas

Colorado Pretrial Assessment Tool (CPAT): Administration, Scoring, and Reporting Manual, Version 1

This report describes the CPAT—a multi-jurisdiction pretrial risk assessment instrument designed to improve pretrial assessment processes.

Pretrial Risk Assessment 101: Science Provides Guidance on Managing Defendants

This brief explains how pretrial risk assessments can benefit the community by improving public safety and reducing costs. 

State of the Science of Pretrial Release Recommendations and Supervision

Legal issues that impact pretrial release or what supervision strategies that will lead to more effective pretrial release practices.

State of the Science of Pretrial Risk Assessment

This publication is designed for a wide-ranging audience of criminal justice stakeholders who have questions about pretrial risk assessment and its value to the pretrial justice process.

Overview of Research Findings on Pretrial Risk Assessment and Pretrial Supervision

The use of pretrial risk assessment and pretrial supervision are examined in this report.

A Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems

This report is essential reading for individuals wanting to achieve measurable reductions of pretrial misconduct and post-conviction reoffending.

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