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U.S. Bureau Of Justice Assistance (BJA) (Washington, DC)

More Than Emptying Beds: A Systems Approach to Segregation Reform

"Segregation has been and will continue to be a tool that is necessary to manage legitimate safety concerns. Reforms in the use of this practice will only be successful if the safety of inmates and staff is maintained or improved in the process.

Drug Offenders in Federal Prisons: Estimates of Characteristics Based on Linked Data

This Special Report presents a description of drug offenders in federal prison, including criminal history, demographics, gun involvement in the offense, and sentence imposed.

Body-Worn Camera Toolkit

This toolkit is a comprehensive clearinghouse for criminal justice practitioners desiring to plan and implement a body-worn camera program.

Gender Responsive Discipline and Sanctions Policy Guide for Women’s Facilities

This Guide is designed to assist corrections professionals in revising policies and practices to more effectively manage women inmates.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS SERIES: Strategies for Identifying Defendants WhoAre Veterans for Potential Participation in Veterans Court Programs

This FAQ presents a compilation of responses received from veterans court programs to the following question: (1) How do you identify defendants who are veterans and potentially eligible for your veterans court program? (2) Is there any systematic process that has been put in place to screen arrestees to identify those who are veterans?

Is This a Good Quality Outcome Evaluation Report? A Guide for Practitioners

This guide is designed to introduce and explain the key concepts in outcome evaluation research in order to help practitioners distinguish between good and poor quality evaluation reports.

Desktop Guide for Tribal Probation Personnel: The Screening and Assessment Process

This guide is intended to provide tribal probation personnel with information on how the screening and assessment process can facilitate and promote offender accountability and long-term behavior change.

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