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U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) (Rockville, MD)

Screening and Assessment of Co-occurring Disorders in the Justice System

This monograph examines evidence-based practices for screening and assessment of people in the justice system who have co-occurring disorders.

Municipal Courts: An Effective Tool for Diverting People with Mental and Substance Use Disorders from the Criminal Justice System

This article explains how offenders with mental illness or substance abuse disorders making their first municipal court appearance can be diverted.

SAMHSA's Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach

The purpose of this paper is to develop a working concept of trauma and a trauma-informed approach across an array of service systems.

A Practitioner's Resource Guide: Helping Families to Support Their LGBT Children

This resource guide provides information for individuals helping families with LGBT children involved with the juvenile justice system.

Building Bridges: LGBT Populations: A Dialogue on Advancing Opportunities for Recovery from Addictions and Mental Health Problems

This report recaps a meeting about recovery from mental illness, substance use disorder, or both, LGBT population.

Best Practices for Increasing Access to SSI/SSDI upon Exiting Criminal Justice Settings

This report explains how SSI and SSDI programs can provide income and other benefits to just released persons with mental illness.

Trauma and Justice

SAMHSA addresses the impact of trauma on individuals, families, and communities as a behavioral health concern that requires a healing and recovery process.

Substance Abuse Treatment: Group Therapy Inservice Training: Based on Treatment Improvement Protocol TIP 41

This training manual presents an overview of the role and efficacy of group therapy in substance abuse treatment.

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