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  • Tribal Resource Guide

    Program/Agency contact, program objectives, applicant eligibility, eligible beneficiaries, and types of assistance available from 15 federal agenci

  • Basics and Beyond: Suicide Prevention in Jails

    This video presentation will enable readers to:

  • Addiction, The Brain, and Evidence Based Treatment

    “Dr. Chandler will discuss why punishment alone is an ineffective response to the problem of drug abuse in the criminal justice system ... Dr.

  • Lessons Learned: Planning and Assessing a Law Enforcement Reentry Strategy

    This report describes how four law enforcement agencies, selected as learning sites, utilized the principles described in “Planning and Assessing a Law Enforcement Reentry Strategy”. Three sections follow an executive summary: collaboration-coordination and partnerships; program terms-activities and scope; and data collection and analysis-process and outcome. Also included are profiles of the four law enforcement agencies evaluated.
  • Developing a Policy on the Use of Social Media in Intelligence and Investigative Activities: Guidance and Recommendations

    "Social media sites have become useful tools for the public and law enforcement entities, but criminals are also using these sites for wrongful pur

  • Guiding Principles for Providing High-Quality Education in Juvenile Justice Secure Care Settings

    This is necessary reading for anyone involved with educating incarcerated youth.

  • Guidance for Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Regarding the Use of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, or Gender Identity

    Biased practices, as the Federal government has long recognized, are unfair, promote mistrust of law enforcement, and perpetuate negative and harmf

  • Studying Deterrence Among High-Risk Adolescents

    The impact of sanctions, whether threatened or applied, on deterrence of crime by high-risk adolescents is examined.

  • A Cycle of Incarceration: Prison, Debt, and Bail Practices [Webinar]

    "Building on the Administration¹s commitment to criminal justice reform, the convening will bring together federal officials, state legislators and

  • Review Panel on Prison Rape Report on Sexual Victimization in Prisons, Jails, and Juvenile Correctional Facilities, April 2016

    "This Report presents the findings of the Review Panel on Prison Rape (Panel), along with its recommendations, that are the result of its 2014 hear