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resources and services for trainers

Many NIC materials are available online. However, non-digital, copyright-restricted, and sensitive material is available only in the NIC main library. Correctional workers can request FREE personalized corrections information assistance from the staff at our library. These experts have access to the complete library and can help you find information that is not available online.

Services and Resources for Correctional Trainers

NIC offers a variety of resources and services for those who provide training in a correctional setting.

The Learning and Performance Initiative represents NIC’s effort to help build staff training and development capacity in corrections agencies. Below are resources for trainers and curriculum designers.

Many materials are online, but most are available through our library only. If you are a correctional trainer and would like additional information about our resources and services, please contact us through our help desk.

NIC is committed to improving correctional agencies' internal capacity to enhance workplace learning and staff performance (i.e., training assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation).

The resources and guides provided on this page are designed for:

  • Training directors/coordinators
  • Trainers
  • Curriculum developers
  • Adjunct/part-time trainers
  • Field training officers
  • Anyone responsible for training in a correctional agency
Located below are additional resources on these training topics:
Training Management 
A guide to the resources available to corrections trainers.
Instructional Design
A guide to instructional models and resources for designing corrections-related training.
Training Delivery
A guide to effectively facilitating and presenting training and resources for conducting corrections-related training.
Other NIC Resources for Trainers
Learn about NIC's technical assistance and Web resources for correctional trainers.


NIC offers a wide variety of video learning opportunities. Over the years we have recorded our live Internet broadcasts so that they can be used by correctional trainers and agencies. You can request DVD copies of these programs from our library or view selected programs online.

Live Broadcast Training

We deliver training programs live through Internet streaming. You can register to view these programs live or order the program after the live broadcast. Look in the "Live Broadcasts" section of the sidebar to find upcoming programs.

Other Video Opportunities

Our library contains many video learning opportunities that are not listed online. Use our Online Help Desk to find out more about available videos and other training materials.

To find out when new videos are added to our online library, you can subscribe to NIC Library alerts at

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