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John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation (Chicago IL)

  • Measuring Success: A Guide to Becoming an Evidence-Based Practice

    This is a great introduction to the process by which an organization can evaluate whether a program is evidence-based is explained.

  • How to Calculate the Average Costs of Detaining a Youth

    “This toolkit demonstrates how to calculate the average costs of housing a youth in detention.

  • Pennsylvania and MacArthur's Models for Change: The Story of a Successful Public-Private Partnership

    “At the heart of the Models for Change story in Pennsylvania is the partnership between the John D. and Catherine T.

  • Eliminating the Practice of Indiscriminate Shackling of Youth

    “Many youth in custody are forced to appear in court shackled with leg irons, belly chains, and handcuffs.

  • Core Principles for Reducing Recidivism and Improving Other Outcomes for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

    "The best way to help prevent a youth’s subsequent contact with the juvenile justice system is to prevent him or her from being involved with the s

  • Incorporating Racial Equality Into Criminal Justice Reform

    "There are few areas of American society where racial disparities are as profound and as troubling as in the criminal justice system.

  • Because Kids are Different: Five Opportunities for Reforming the Juvenile Justice System

    "As broader acceptance of recent findings in the field of adolescent development has opened the way for change, juvenile justice policymakers, stak

  • Information Sharing Tool Kit - Second Edition

    "[I]t is sometimes difficult for stakeholders, who represent different interests in the system, to come to agreement as to key issues with respect

  • Incarceration's Front Door: The Misuse of Jails in America

    "Local jails, which exist in nearly every town and city in America, are built to hold people deemed too dangerous to release pending trial or at hi

  • The Price of Jails: Measuring the Taxpayer Cost of Local Incarceration

    "Jails are far more expensive than previously understood, as significant jail expenditures-such as employee salaries and benefits, health care and

  • Juvenile Justice Geography, Policy Practice and Statistics (JJGPS)

    This is an excellent resource for individuals working with or concerned about justice-involved juveniles.