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National Institute of Justice (NIJ) (Washington DC)

  • Correctional Industries Preparing Inmates for Re-Entry: Recidivism & Post-Release. Final report

    This report summarizes the first national review of the recidivism and post-release effects of the Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Prog

  • Terrorist Recruitment in American Correctional Institutions: An Exploratory Study of Non-Traditional Faith Groups

    The relationship between religious conversion in correctional facilities and terrorist recruitment (radicalization) is examined.

  • A National Portrait of Domestic Violence Courts

    This report should be required reading for anyone interested in or developing a domestic violence court.

  • A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Electronic Monitoring

    Agencies using or looking into utilizing home detention will find this report interesting.

  • Risk Markers for Sexual Predation and Victimization in Prison

    This study investigated the application of “empirically validated static and dynamic risk ma[r]kers for violence in the community to sexual predati

  • The Impact of Shift Length in Policing on Performance, Health, Quality of Life, Sleep, Fatigue, and Extra-Duty Employment

    “Because there are significant policy implications associated with compressed workweeks in law enforcement, there is a great need for an examinatio

  • A Multi-State Recidivism Study Using Static-99R and Static-2002 Risk Scores and Tier Guidelines from the Adam Walsh Act

    The effectiveness of various sex offender classification instruments is investigated.

  • Extension of Current Estimates of Redemption Times: Robustness Testing, Out-of-State Arrests, and Racial Differences

    “As information technology has increased the accessibility of criminal-history records, and concern for negligent-hiring lawsuits has grown, crimin

  • Advanced Behavior Recognition in Crowded Environments: Final Report

    “This document is the final report for the NIJ research program “Advanced Behavior Recognition in Crowded Environments”.

  • Testing the Effects of New York's Domestic Violence Courts: A Statewide Impact Evaluation

    The effectiveness of domestic violence courts to positively impact court processing, case resolutions, and recidivism is examined.

  • Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement

    “Developed by crime scene experts, this comprehensive, step-by-step guide leads law enforcement through the crucial, first phase of the justice pro

  • Evaluation of the Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification Program

    Results from an evaluation of Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) programs are presented.

  • Unobtrusive Suicide Warning System: Final Technical Report: Phase III

    This report explains in detail how this research group “developed a prototype demonstration system that can measure an inmate’s heart rate, breathi

  • National Inventory of the Collateral Consequences of Conviction

    “Persons convicted of crime are subject to a wide variety of legal and regulatory sanctions and restrictions in addition to the sentence imposed by

  • Through-the-Wall Sensors for Law Enforcement: Best Practices, Version 1.0

    "This report provides advice, tactics and information related to the use of TTWS [through-the-wall sensor] in operational settings.

  • Body-Worn Cameras for Criminal Justice: Market Survey, Version 1.0

    "The use of body-worn cameras (BWCs) by criminal justice practitioners (e.g., patrol, corrections, SWAT and other tactical responders) offers poten

  • Out of the Shadows: A Tool for the Identification of Victims of Human Trafficking

    "Human trafficking, often called “modern-day slavery,” occurs on a massive scale, trapping thousands of victims in lives of incredible suffering wi

  • Corrections Technology and Practice Taxonomy

    "Criminal justice professionals face immense challenges today to make communities safer and to equitably apply the law.

  • Corrections Innovations Needs Tool

    "Institutional and community corrections agencies face increasingly complex tasks and challenges today.


    This is a great place to find up to date information about law enforcement body armor.

  • Visions of Law Enforcement Technology in the Period 2024-2034: Report of the Law Enforcement Futuring Workshop

    "This report describes the results of the Law Enforcement Futuring Workshop, which was held at RAND's Washington Office in Arlington, Virginia, fro

  • Time Difference of Arrival System for Cell Phone Localization in Correctional Facilities|Final Report

    "Cell phones, smuggled in by guards or family members and activated with hard-to-trace prepaid calling plans, are a lifeline for criminals and gang

  • Community-Based Responses to Justice-Involved Young Adults

    "This bulletin proposes a new criminal justice paradigm for young men and women ages 18 to 24.

  • The Effect of Solitary Confinement on Institutional Misconduct: A Longitudinal Evaluation

    This dissertation examines whether solitary confinement and time spent in solitary confinement impacts institutional conduct upon release from soli