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2016 State Statistics Information

A visual of America with bar chart columns

This web page provides lists of resources related to local, state, and federal statistics displayed to help you see the current state of the corrections industry as of the last set of reported data. We do our best to find as much information as we can about each state, however, because reporting standards are not currently uniform across the nation, there may be gaps in the data you see presented. 

Why 2016? 2016 was the latest year data was reported and was able to be collected from around the nation.

Key Tips:

  • Hover over any data point to see a tool-tip popup of information about that piece of info. 
  • Hovering over Legend information will add a drop shadow to all related data in the chart
  • The colors have no other meaning other than to differentiate data sets, however, Lines of Average will be the same color as the data it represents, but at a reduced opacity.