U.S. Department of Justice

Strategies When Resources Are Limited

If your agency has access only to existing resources in developing transitional apprenticeship programs, consider these strategies:
  • Establish partnerships between local U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services, Federal Bureau of Prisons; U.S.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs; U.S. Department of Labor agencies and other key partners identifying this as a priority and establishing responsibilities.
  • Share information with staff regarding plan to implement transitional approach to apprenticeships.
  • Seek interest or assign staff to be involved with planning to implement within local area.
  • Establish and hold meetings to establish process and relationships with stakeholders that will work effectively within those systems.
  • Compare apprenticeships available in prisons to those in communities to which they primarily release and to the identified high growth industries. Compare these apprenticeships to projected job growth in the related job markets.
  • Identify potential new apprenticeships that should be developed.
  • Identify needs of each sector through discussions with contractors, apprenticeship coordinators and our partnership.
  • Implement enhancements to existing programs based upon this feedback, including training on new technology or skill sets that will improve employability.
  • Establish a marketing plan for each area.