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Administrative training

  • Developing and Managing Part-time Trainers, Pts. 1 and 2

    Contents: Part 1: The Manager's Role--Part 2: The Trainer's Role.
  • Competency Profile of Warden/Superintendent

    Duties with corresponding tasks are provided in this DACUM profile of a Warden/Superintendent.
  • Psychopaths: Their Nature and Impact on Corrections [Videoconference held August 5, 1998]

    This three-hour interactive videoconference addresses both adult and juvenile psychopaths who are incarcerated or under community supervision.
  • Sex Offender Treatment Skills for Corrections Professionals [Distance Learning Training Program: Videoconference Held March 12-15, 2001]

    Effective assessment, treatment, and management of incarcerated sex offenders are enhanced by this 36-hour distance learning event.
  • Staffing Analysis Workbook for Jails (2nd Ed)

    An integrated series of steps that result in a comprehensive and innovative staffing plan is presented.
  • Facilitation Skills for Managers: Training Curriculum Package

    This 16-hour course is designed for managers who run meetings and/or lead task groups. This curriculum is divided into seven modules:
  • Options for Managing Difficult Inmates [Videoconference held on June 13, 2001]

    Difficult inmates, such as those who have gang affiliations, chronic behavioral problems or who are mentally or socially challenged, require more c
  • Developing "Coaches" for New Wardens [Participant's Manual]

    Training and practical experience in the techniques and skills of Co-Active coaching as the foundation of a leadership culture are provided during
  • Exploring the Dynamics & Principles of Effective Leadership [Lesson Plan and Participant's Manual]; Leadership Curriculum

    A leadership curriculum package that provides "a quickie look at the work of a leader and how best to do it" is presented.
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