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Administrative training--Training for trainers

  • Group Facilitation Skills for Trainers

    This 16-hour course explores the skills needed in leading group participants to achieve specific learning goals.
  • Designing Learner Centered Instruction

    A seven-step process for developing and designing a training program according to the ITIP (instructional theory into practice) format is described
  • Nuts and Bolts of the Curriculum Development Process

    An overview of the curriculum development process is presented.
  • The Facilitator's Guide

    Strategies for effective facilitation are provided.
  • Effective Training Design and Development [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held April 2007]

    This blended-learning, self directed course provides the user with the knowledge necessary to create effective training programs.
  • Training for Training Directors

    The skills that successful correctional training directors need are explained.
  • Orientation for New Pretrial Executives

    This 32 hour program will enhance participants leadership capacity and decision making skills though the application of proven standards and practices in a collaborative learning environment. [Enrollment deadline: 3/15/2019 8:00 AM]