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Aging offenders

Aging in Prison

America's prison system is rapidly graying, the following are a collection of resources related to the needs, policies, programs, and legal issues of aging in prison.

Losing Time: Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Behind Bars [Webinar]

This webinar provides a foundation for developing a self-contained model to meet the needs of cognitively impaired inmates while others gain skills.

Managing the Elderly in Corrections

This document discusses issues impacting the managing of senior/elderly inmates and offers suggestions on how to meet these challenges.

The High Costs of Low Risk: The Crisis of America's Aging Prison Population

This paper explains how agencies can effectively addressing the costs and impact of continued long-term incarceration of aging citizens.

Trauma, stress, grief, loss, and separation among older adults in prison: the protective role of coping on physical and mental wellness

Multidimensional coping strategies that address physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual domains are promising intervention techniques that can improve well-being among older adults in prison.

Aging Prisoners: A Brief Report of Key Legal and Policy Dilemmas

The goal of this brief report is to describe the current key legal-policy dilemmas in the aging of the prison population.

A Resource Pack for Working with Older Prisoners

This publication helps agencies to implement good practice ideas and set up activities for older prisoners.

Managing Aging and Terminally Ill Inmates[Videoconference held on September 12, 2001]

This 3-hour program covers policies and procedures and their impact on aging offenders and offenders with chronic and terminal illnesses.

It’s About Time: Aging Prisoners, Increasing Costs, and Geriatric Release

This report offers recommendations for responding to the disparities between geriatric release policies and practice.

Effectively Managing Aging and Geriatric Offenders [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held March 11, 2010]

This 3-hour program covers issues related to geriatric offenders, such as who they are, their needs, staff training, and special considerations.


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