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Pretrial Justice: The Colorado Story

This video chronicles their journey so far in working to establish safe, fair, and effective pretrial justice in Colorado.

Presumption of Guilt: The Global Overuse of Pretrial Detention

This report examines the full consequences of the global overuse of pretrial detention.

Pretrial Detention and Misconduct in Federal District Courts, 1995-2010

This report presents findings on general trends in pretrial detention and misconduct in the federal district courts between fiscal years 1995-2010. 

Assessing Local Pretrial Justice Functions: A Handbook for Providing Technical Assistance

This guide presents a protocol that produces technical assistance for the front end of the criminal justice system—the pretrial justice stage.

State of the Science of Pretrial Risk Assessment

This publication is designed for a wide-ranging audience of criminal justice stakeholders who have questions about pretrial risk assessment and its value to the pretrial justice process.

Pretrial Risk Assessment in the Federal Court for the Purpose of Expanding the Use of Alternatives to Detention

Those federal criminal defendants who are most suited for pretrial release predicated on participation in an alternatives to detention program are examined.

Pretrial Justice: Principles and Practices

This two-hour program discusses strategies for developing an effective pretrial process.

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