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  • The Changing Racial Dynamics of Women's Incarceration

    “Scholars are beginning to analyze the relative contributions of changes in crime rates, criminal justice policies, economics, and demographics to
  • Ban the Box, Criminal Records, and Statistical Discrimination: A Field Experiment

    '“Ban-the-Box” (BTB) policies restrict employers from asking about applicants’ criminal histories on job applications and are often presented as a
  • Risk, Race, & Recidivism: Predictive Bias and Disparate Impact

    One way to unwind mass incarceration without compromising public safety is to use risk assessment instruments in sentencing and corrections.
  • What's Your Eye Chart Saying? How Our Beliefs Filter Our Views, Part 1

    When was the last time you had your eyes examined?
  • Divided Justice: Trends in Black and White Jail Incarceration, 1990-2013 (2018)

    Recent data analyses on jail incarceration—taken from Vera’s Incarceration Trends tool—reveal that although significant racial disparities still ex

  • Bias In, Bias Out (2019)

    Police, prosecutors, judges, and other criminal justice actors increasingly use algorithmic risk assessment to estimate the likelihood that a perso

  • Bias During Stressful Times (2020)

    Culture Coach International Vimeo Video (2:53 minutes)

  • An Introduction to Unconscious Bias (2017)

    Whiteboard YouTube Video (3:30 minutes)

  • How to Outsmart Your Own Unconscious Bias (2018)

    Ted Talk Video (17:23 minutes)

  • What Is Unconscious Bias? +Top Strategies to Help Avoid It (2018)

    In this resource from Envato Tuts, the author delves into the important topic of unconscious bias.

  • What is unconscious bias in the workplace, and how can we tackle it? (2019)

    Unconscious bias can affect our decisions in all areas of life, but especially in the workplace.

  • Is Company Culture a Cover for Unconscious Bias? (2017)

    What begins as an engaging way to include diverse groups under a unique corporate umbrella now does the exact opposite.

  • How Mindfulness Can Defeat Racial Bias (2015)

    There might be a solution to implicit racial bias, argues Rhonda Magee: cultivating moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, and surroundi

  • Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People [OverDrive]

    I know my own mind.
    I am able to assess others in a fair and accurate way.

  • Trends in Correctional Control by Race and Sex (2019)

    In recent years, racial disparities in imprisonment have decreased.

  • Racism Has a Cost for Everyone - Ted Talk (2019)

    Racism makes our economy worse -- and not just in ways that harm people of color, says public policy expert Heather C. McGhee.

  • For black Americans, experiences of racial discrimination vary by education level, gender (2019)

    Personal experiences with racial discrimination are common for black Americans.

  • Systemic Racism Explained (2019) YouTube Video (4:23 minutes)

  • Community Supervision Marked by Racial and Gender Disparities (2018)

    African-Americans, men overrepresented in probation and parole population

  • An Unjust Burden: The Disparate Treatment of Black Americans in the Criminal Justice System (2018)

    The evidence for racial disparities in the criminal justice system is well documented.

  • Report to the United Nations on Racial Disparities in the U.S. Criminal Justice System (2018)

    The Sentencing Project submitted a report to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophob

  • Pretrial Risk Assessment Can Produce Race-Neutral Results (2017)

    Validated Risk Assessment Tools Are Fairer and Safer than Money Bail And Can Protect Against Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Criminal Justice

  • The Implicit Racial Bias in Sentencing: The Next Frontier (2017)

    A prominent life scientist recently declared that the Higgs boson particle, the Internet, and implicit bias are the three most important discoverie

  • The Color of Justice: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in State Prisons (2016)

    African Americans are incarcerated in state prisons across the country at more than five times the rate of whites, and at least ten times the rate

  • Black Lives Matter: Eliminating Racial Inequity in the Criminal Justice System (2015)

    “Black lives matter” has become a rallying cry in light of evidence that the criminal justice system is failing to uphold this basic truth.

  • Implicit Bias | Concepts Unwrapped (2018)

    McCombs School of Business Video (8:09 minutes)

  • Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do [OverDrive]

    From one of the world’s leading experts on unconscious racial bias come stories, science, and strategies to address one of the central controversie

  • Examining Race and Gender Disparities in Restrictive Housing Placements (2018)

    This study assessed racial and ethnic disparities in men's and women's placements into any segregation; placements into particular types of segrega