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Boot camp programs

This self-paced, self-instruction course explains the role and responsibilities of a jail inspector. Questions are asked at the end of each chapter which lead to answers from and discussion with their supervisors. Supervisors use the publication "Jail Inspection Basics: Supervisors Guide" (NIC accession no. 022123). Chapters cover: legal issues; standards; the inspection process; facility design; communication; government structures and processes; and resources.

Jail Inspection Basics:  An Introductory Self-Study Course for Jail Inspectors Cover

The purpose behind the “establishment of Pennsylvania's Motivational Boot Camp [is] to address the prison-overcrowding problem and to offer an alternative program to enable offenders to desist from crime”. This website provides access to information about this program. It could come in useful if your agency is looking to develop or retool your own boot camp program. The latest report is “What We Have Learned Over the Past 17 Years? 2011 Report to the Legislature”.

State Motivational Boot Camp Cover
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