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Career development

This guide "explores current and future workforce challenges facing community corrections" (p. xiii). Chapters contained in this guide are: rationale -- why now?; organizational culture -- moving from a "workplace" to a place where people want to work; recruitment -- looking in the right places for the right people; retention -- keeping the right people in the right places; and strategies for success -- getting started.

FutureForce: A Guide to Building the 21st Century Community Corrections Workforce Cover

The Reentry-Focused Performance Excellence Guide is specifically designed to empower each Correctional Industries (CI) organization, no matter the size or structure, to direct and improve its organizational focus and performance outcomes through strategic planning and measurable results. The Guide is a compilation of key best practice components that provide CI programs the direction and tools necessary to be significant contributors to the nationwide Reentry Initiative. Please Click Here to see the entire guide.

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