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Children of inmates

Parents Behind Bars: What Happens to Their Children?

This report examines the prevalence of incarceration amongst parents and the associated consequences for their children, over five million.

Toolkit for Developing Family-Focused Jail Programs

This toolkit identifys promising practices for developing family-centered jail programs to address the effects of incarceration of parents on children.

Promising and Innovative Practices for Children of Incarcerated Parents: [Webinar]

This webinar highlights promising and innovative programs and practices aimed at reducing trauma for children of incarcerated parents.

How To Explain A Parent's Arrest To A Child

These four pocket-sized cards are wonderful tools to remind law enforcement staff about the impacts on a child whose parents are being arrested or incarcerated.

Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents

This report discusses the trauma children experiences when law enforcement carries out its investigative and arrest responsibilities.

Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP) Resources

This website provides a great collection of brochures explaining incarceration to the children of inmates.

Children with Incarcerated Parents – Considering Children’s Outcomes in the Context of Complex Family Experiences

This issue examines the needs of children with incarcerated parents, requiring attention to their unique life circumstances.

Parents Behind Bars: Children of Incarcerated Family Members: Answers to Children’s Difficult Questions

An educator and caregiver’s toolkit to Idaho’s criminal justice system.

Through the Eyes of a Child: Life with a Mother in Prison

This report attempts to discover how the children involved in the VOA initiative LUH feel while their mother has been incarcerated.

Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents

The report summarizes participants' recommendations, ways to reach this unique at-risk population, and evidence-based mentoring practices that can serve the needs and support the strengths of children of incarcerated parents.


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