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Classification research

National Institute of Corrections Training Evaluation Project: 2008 Evaluation Supplement: Learning, Application, and Action Plan Progress

<p>Results from the Training Evaluation Project assessing the training offered by the National Institute of Corrections are presented.</p>

National Institute of Corrections Training Evaluation Project: Training, Leadership, and Organizational Change: Focus on CLD and MDF

<p>The primary purpose of this bulletin is to examine leadership from a 360 degree perspective, and to assess relationships between training, leadership, and organizational change.</p>

Classification of Women Offenders: Gender-Responsive Approach to Risk/Needs Assessment

An overview of the work done by collaborative partnerships to design and validate gender-responsive risk and needs assessments for female offenders is provided.

Effective Management of Female Inmates: Applying the Research on Gender Responsive Correctional Strategies to Local Jails

Research, practice, and guiding principles related to gender-responsive strategies and utilized in jail settings are exchanged.

Prisoner Intake Systems: Assessing Needs and Classifying Prisoners

Tasks, assessments, and technology used in prisoner intake systems are examined.

Findings in Prison Classification and Risk Assessment

This publication reviews information and knowledge learned regarding classification and risk assessment systems.


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