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Classification standards

  • Prison Suicide: An Overview and Guide to Prevention

    This monograph presents a review of the literature and of national and state standards for prison suicide prevention, as well as national data on t
  • Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, July 2003

    These proceedings are comprised of: Highlights of the Meeting Sessions; Stay Awake or You Will Trip Over the Future by Tom Esensten; Video Presenta
  • LJN Exchange, Annual Issue 2004; Large Jail Network Exchange, Annual Issue 2004

    This issue includes: Foreword, by Richard Geaither, National Institute of Corrections Jails Division; You Can Do It: Putting an End to Pharmacy Cos
  • Objective Prison Classification: A Guide for Correctional Agencies

    Classification systems help minimize the potential for prison violence, escape, and institutional misconduct.
  • Standards on Pretrial Release

    Effective procedures governing the release or detention of arrested individuals are presented.
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