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Co-occurring disorders

Improving Responses to People Who Have Co-occurring Mental Illnesses and Substance Use Disorders in Jails (2020)

People with co-occurring mental illnesses and substance use disorders—also known simply as co-occurring disorders—have complex needs that require integrated responses across jails and behavioral health systems.

Screening and Assessment of Co-occurring Disorders in the Justice System

This monograph examines evidence-based practices for screening and assessment of people in the justice system who have co-occurring disorders.

Municipal Courts: An Effective Tool for Diverting People with Mental and Substance Use Disorders from the Criminal Justice System

This article explains how offenders with mental illness or substance abuse disorders making their first municipal court appearance can be diverted.

Six Steps to Improve Your Drug Court Outcomes for Adults with Co-Occurring Disorders

This publication explains how most persons with co-occurring disorders can successfully participate in drug courts by utilizing six critical steps.

Adults with Behavioral Health Needs Under Correctional Supervision: A Shared Framework for Reducing Recidivism and Promoting Recovery

This paper presents a shared framework for reducing recidivism and behavioral health problems among individuals under correctional control or supervision.

Increasing Collaboration Between Corrections and Mental Health Organizations: Orange County Case Study

The use of the Mental Health Pretrial Release Program (MHPTR) by the Orange County Jail is discussed.

Systemic Criminal Justice Planning: Improving Responses to Women Offenders in Hamilton County, Ohio

This report reviews the use of systemic criminal justice planning to improve services and programming for women offenders.

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