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Communication skills

Communicating with Families and Children in Correctional Facilities

This webinar was created for the Family Connections Project by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC).

Foundation Skills for Trainers: 32-Hour Training Program [Videoconference Held March 22-25, 2004]

This 32-hour program explains the preparation, presentation, and platform delivery skills

You've Got Mail: The Promise of Cyber Communication in Prisons and the Need for Regulation

This report is about technology offenders use to communicate with people outside a correctional facility and problems associated with such use.

Healthcare Not Handcuffs: Putting the Affordable Care Act to Work for Criminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform

This paper is intended as a starting framework for criminal justice and drug policy advocates to navigate the ACA, and to take advantage of the conceptual and practical opportunities it offers for shifting the conversation and the landscape.

Developing a Policy on the Use of Social Media in Intelligence and Investigative Activities: Guidance and Recommendations

This report explains why law enforcement agencies should have a social media policy, and how to develop a social media policy.

Motivational Interviewing for Incarcerated Adolescents: Effects of Depressive Symptoms on Reducing Alcohol and Marijuana Use After Release

This study evaluates the efficacy of MI versus RT in reducing substance use outcomes for incarcerated adolescents.

Motivational Interviewing Training In Criminal Justice: Development of a Model Plan

The utilization of motivational interviewing (MI) by probation officers is explained.

Cultural Diversity: Training for Trainers

This curriculum demonstrates communication skills that strengthen positive interaction, and identifies relationships impacted by cultural diversity.

Interpersonal Communications in the Correctional Setting: IPC

Materials are provided for the basic communication skills training program used by correctional agencies to train officers and counselors.

Facilitation Skills for Offender Groups: Training Curriculum Package

Designed for counselors or other staff who run offender groups, this 16-hour course addresses group process strategies. The following lesson plan modules are provided:


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