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Community-based corrections

Community Corrections and the Justice Reinvestment Act

This covers budget overview, significant legislation, the changing role of probation officers, programs for probationers, and reinvestment and results.

The Effects on Re-offending of Custodial vs. Non-custodial Sanctions: An Updated Systematic Review of the State of Knowledge

This review examines whether custodial and non-custodial sanctions have different effects on the rates of re-offending.

Community-Based Supervision: Increased Public Safety, Decreased Expenditures

This brief describes a few fundamental characteristics of community-based supervision programs and summarizes their average costs.

Toward Evidence-Based Decision Making in Community Corrections: Research and Strategies for Successful Implementation

This publication contains articles on community corrections, with special emphasis on successful implementation strategies.

Rethinking the Use of Community Supervision

This article examines the reasons why community supervision so often fails and challenges popular assumptions about its role.

Community Corrections Collaborative Network: Safe and Smart Ways to Solve America's Correctional Challenges

The position paper, "Community Corrections Collaborative Network: Safe and Smart Ways To Solve America’s Correctional Challenges", finds that community corrections is a critical part of the public safety system that supervises individuals under the legal authority in the community to reduce crime and victimization.

Nothing About Us Without Us! The Failure of the Modern Juvenile Justice System and a Call for Community-Based Justice

The need for a renewed effort in bringing the practice of juvenile justice back under the influence of the community is explained.

Intelligent Justice: Balancing the Effects of Community Sentences and Custody

This paper revisits the much argued question about the relative merits of prison and community sentences. 

The Potential of Community Corrections to Improve Safety and Reduce Incarceration

This report explains the potential of community-based corrections to reduce the recidivism of offenders and reconsider its role.

The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003: The Impact of National PREA Standards on Community Corrections

This handbook describes how the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) impacts the management of offenders in the community.


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