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Community corrections training

  • New Approaches to Staff Safety

    Key staff safety training issues for community corrections agencies are discussed. This manual addresses:
  • Restorative Justice: Principles, Practices, and Implementation (Training Broadcast)

    An introduction to restorative justice concepts, principles, and values is provided during this 32-hour distance learning program.
  • Understanding Managed Behavioral Health Care in Community Corrections [Videoconference Held July 17, 2002]

    This program addresses behavior health care services for offenders under community supervision.
  • Transition from Prison to the Community [Videoconference Held February 12, 2003]

    This videoconference provides Information regarding the National Institute of Corrections' transition initiative and model.
  • Implementing Effective Correctional Management of Offenders in the Community [Videoconference Held February 25, 2004]

    This satellite/Internet broadcast provides information about NIC's initiative on statewide implementation of effective correctional management of o
  • FutureForce: Building a 21st Century Community Corrections Workforce [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held August 3, 2005]

    This program focuses on the changing and expanding roles of probation, parole, and community corrections officers.
  • Two Probation Officer/Offender Contact Sessions (PO 1 & 2) [Motivational Interviewing]

    These two role-played scenarios can be used in training or skill coding sessions as examples of:
  • Evidence-Based Practice Skills Assessment for Criminal Justice Organizations, Version 1.0

    "The Evidence-based Practice Skills Assessment (EBPSA) is a self-report measurement tool designed to gauge the extent to which correctional staff d
  • Standards and Training for Corrections (STC) Forms and Publications

    Copies of training manuals for courses provided by the California Board of State and Community Standards can be found at this website.
  • Orientation for Probation and Parole Chief Executives

    NIC continues to recognize the value of orientation for new probation and parole executives. This 40-hour blended learning course focuses on presenting core competencies and their related skills and behaviors to assist new chief executives with both the immediate knowledge and the long-term skills needed in the areas of leadership, personnel, strategic planning, staff safety, collaboration, criminal justice in the 21st Century, and organizational development issues. [Enrollment deadline:  3/29/2019 8:00 AM]
  • Orientation for New Pretrial Executives

    This 32 hour program will enhance participants leadership capacity and decision making skills though the application of proven standards and practices in a collaborative learning environment. [Enrollment deadline: 3/15/2019 8:00 AM]