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Conditions of confinement

Heat in US Prisons and Jails: Corrections and the Challenge of Climate Change

This paper provides an overview of the correctional sector and its specific vulnerabilities to heat, explores relevant legal issues, and offers recommendations for adaptation to address unique challenges that climate change poses for corrections.

Tobacco in Juvenile Justice Facilities: A Policy Overview

Juvenile offenders – youth detained or incarcerated in the juvenile justice system – suffer a disproportionately high number of mental health and substance abuse disorders, including tobacco dependency.

Jail Design and Operation and the Constitution: An Overview

This paper discusses the continuing challenge of deciding what those protections mean in practice and the struggle to assure that inmate rights are met.

Jails and the Constitution: An Overview

This publication "reviews the history of correctional law and summarizes the results of major court decisions"

Alleviating Jail Crowding: A Systemic Approach [Videoconference Held April 18, 2001]

This 3-hour videoconference aims to help jurisdictions develop effective strategies and techniques for managing jail population levels.

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