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Conditions of confinement

  • Jail Design and Operation and the Constitution: An Overview

    The Constitution protects inmates in jails and prisons, and this paper discusses the continuing challenge of deciding what those protections mean i
  • Alleviating Jail Crowding: A Systemic Approach [Videoconference Held April 18, 2001]

    Since jail crowding is often called the most pressing problem facing criminal justice systems in the U.S., this 3-hour videoconference aims to help
  • Jails and the Constitution: An Overview

    This publication "reviews the history of correctional law and summarizes the results and effects of major court decisions" (p. 4).
  • Tobacco in Juvenile Justice Facilities: A Policy Overview

    "Many youth underestimate the addictiveness of nicotine and discount the health effects of tobacco use.
  • Heat in US Prisons and Jails: Corrections and the Challenge of Climate Change

    This is an excellent paper which "addresses two important but largely neglected questions: How will increased temperatures and heat waves caused by
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