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Drones and Corrections

This website provides recent news about the use of drones to drop contraband into prison and jail exercise yards and other exterior areas.

Criminal Justice Decision Making Laboratory Job Aids

Access is provided to a great selection of case planning resources for corrections, probation, and parole staff.

Time Difference of Arrival System for Cell Phone Localization in Correctional Facilities|Final Report

The purpose of this project is to design, implement and test an effective system for the detection and localization of cellular phones in correctional facilities.

Cell Phone Forensics in a Correctional Setting: Guidebook

This guidebook provides correctional administrators with a brief, yet comprehensive and informative, view of cell phone forensic technologies.

Cell Phones as Prison Contraband

Preventive strategies, detection and proposed legislation to minimize the harm of cell phone use by inmates are discussed.

Volunteer Orientation for Frequent and Regular Volunteers: Trainer's Guide

This 8-hour training curriculum provides volunteers with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful within the institution.

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