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Corrections reform

Short-Term Jail Confinement (Quick Dips) Efficiency

The efficacy of using quick dips, 2-3 day confinement in jail, as a swift and certain response for first time violation of probation is explained.

Justice Reinvestment in Idaho: Analyses and Policy Framework

If implemented, the package of policies outlined in the framework has the potential to generate significant savings in Idaho and estimates a 15-percent reduction in recidivism.

The Justice Reinvestment Initiative: Thinking Local for State Justice Reinvestment

This policy brief considers the importance of collaboration with local justice partners to create state­ level justice reinvestment solutions.

Justice Reinvestment in Washington: Analysis and Policy Framework

This report summarizes comprehensive analyses of sentencing, corrections, and arrests data presented to the Washington State Justice Reinvestment Taskforce.

Analysis Summary: Short-Term Jail Confinement (Quick Dips) Efficacy

This analysis covers supervision compliance outcomes of quick dips in response to probation non-compliance.

End of An Era? The Impact of Drug Law Reform in New York City

This report empirically shows the benefits that can happen if a state reforms its excessively punitive drug control laws.

Relief in Sight? States Rethink the Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction, 2009-2014

This report reviews legislative reforms concerning collateral consequences in 41 states.

The State of Juvenile Justice: A National Conversation about Research, Results, and Reform

These research-based briefings review adolescent brain research, and the systemic causes of youth contact with the justice system.  

Incorporating Racial Equality Into Criminal Justice Reform

This briefing paper provides an overview of racial disparities in the criminal justice system and a framework for remedying these disparities.

Justice Reinvestment in West Virginia: Analyses & Policy Options to Reduce Spending on Corrections & Reinvest in Strategies to Increase Public Safety

Efforts in West Virginia to develop a statewide policy framework that would reduce spending on corrections and would reinvest savings in strategies to increase public safety and reduce recidivism are described.


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