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Corrections reform

Common Ground: Lessons Learned from Five States that Reduced Juvenile Confinement by More than Half

This report discusses how adjusting funding schemes can be a successful strategy for juvenile confinement reform.

Youth Incarceration in the United States Infographic

This publication presents graphics regarding the number of incarcerated youth, disparities, and declines in violent offenses and incarceration rates.

How New York City Reduced Mass Incarceration: A Model for Change?

This report examines interconnections between crime, the correctional population, and controversial police practices.

Juvenile Justice Reform in Connecticut: How Collaboration and Commitment Have Improved Public Safety and Outcomes for Youth

This report draws lessons from Connecticut’s striking success in juvenile justice reform for other states and communities seeking similar progress.

Intelligent Justice: Balancing the Effects of Community Sentences and Custody

While this report addresses the problems with the impact of austerity on the prison system in the United Kingdom, it offers a valuable source of information on how to combat budget cuts in correctional spending.

Reinventing the Criminal Justice System--Justice Reinvestment

The program interviews Dr. Nancy G. La Vigne Director, Justice Policy Center, The Urban Institute regarding Justice Reinvestment.

Justice Reinvestment

This interactive map provides information about those states that are engaged in justice reinvestment showing adopted reforms.

Return on Investment: Evidence-Based Options to Improve Statewide Outcomes--July 2011 Update

An overview is presented of findings (as of July 2011) regarding programs and policies that improve outcomes in Washington.

Context and Impact of Organizational Changes in State Corrections Agencies: A Study of Local Discourses and Practices in Kansas and Michigan

This report examines the impact of external and internal forces on corrections policy innovation despite challenges.

Corrections Budgets in Free Fall: Finding Opportunities in Turbulent Times [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held on April 15, 2009]

This 3-hour program provides an overview of opportunities that can help correctional organizations stay afloat in the current environment.


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