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COVID-19: How are Pretrial Service Agencies Dealing with the Coronavirus? [Webinar]

This is a training webinar on COVID-19 and Pretrial service agencies.

Juvenile Mental Health Treatment Court Locator (2017)

Juvenile Mental Health Courts (JMHCs) provide case management and support to youth in the juvenile justice system with behavioral health needs.

Arming the Courts with Research: 10 Evidence-Based Sentencing Initiatives to Control Crime and Reduce Costs

The use of cost-effective evidence-based practices to reduce offender recidivism, crime rates, and costs is explained.

Nevada Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (NPR) Documents

This collection of documents explains how the Nevada Pretrial Risk Assessment (NPR) was developed.

Live Webinar Event for the Release of NIC Publication "Veterans Treatment Courts: A Second Chance for Vets Who Have Lost Their Way [Webinar]

This webinar looks at judges, veterans advocates, and treatment professionals who work with vets that are in the criminal justice system.

You're An Adult Now: Youth in Adult Criminal Justice Systems

This report from NIC looks at how adult corrections systems manage the youth offenders in jails, prisons and under community supervision.

Veterans Treatment Courts: A Second Chance for Vets Who Have Lost Their Way

This white paper is based on interviews of key players in jurisdictions where Veterans Treatment Courts have been operating with marked  success.               

Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts: The Policies and Procedures Guide

This policies and procedures manual describes the target population involved in dependency court, known as family Healing to Wellness Court.

The Supreme Court and the Transformation of Juvenile Sentencing [and Accompanying Briefs]

This report addresses the issues facing courts and legislatures, and provides guidance based on the Supreme Court’s Eighth Amendment analysis.


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