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Criminal justice - Administration

  • Project Guide: Tribal Justice System Assessment

    "[D]irection to tribal jurisdictions interested in conducting a justice system assessment for the purposes of addressing systemic issues raised in
  • Deaths in Custody in Australia to 30 June 2011: Twenty Years of Monitoring by the National Deaths in Custody Program Since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

    “Compiled for two decades by the Australian Institute of Criminology, this report found both the Indigenous and non-Indigenous rates of deaths in c
  • A Resource Pack for Working with Older Prisoners

    If you are involved with older inmates, you should read this publication.
  • The Prevention of Trauma Reactions in Police Officers: Decreasing Reliance in Drugs and Alcohol

    This report examines the use of a resilience training program for new-recruit police officers designed to help them alleviate stress and trauma exp
  • Performance-Based Measures System Counting Rules: Revised Key Indicators and Characteristics

    This document provides correctional facilities definitions and the rules for maintaining statistics for their institutions.
  • Performance-Based Measures System Resource Manual

    PBMS is an automated web-based system developed by ASCA for collecting, managing, and sharing accurate adult prison-based corrections data that wil
  • Defining and Measuring Correctional Performance Final Report

    Development of outcome-based performance systems of management for correctional agencies has been an important initiative for the Association of St
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