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Cost analysis

  • Cost Effective In-Service Training Alternatives for Small Jails

    "This Training Resource Package recommends several cost-effective methods of providing in-service training for existing staff (p.3)." Sections of t
  • Correctional Industries Programs for Adult Offenders in Prison: Estimates of Benefits and Costs

    Results of a cost-benefit analysis of correctional industries programs are provided.
  • Does Participation in Washington's Work Release Facilities Reduce Recidivism?

    The effect of work release facilities in Washington State on recidivism is assessed.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Raising the Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction in North Carolina

    Those looking to increase the age of juvenile jurisdiction to 18 will find this report useful in getting their shareholders on board with the chang
  • WSIPP's Benefit-Cost Tool for States: Examining Policy Options in Sentencing and Corrections

    The development and implementation of an analytical tool that helps states determine which evidence-based practices are most cost effective in prev
  • The High Cost of Solitary Confinement

    Wondering what is costs to house an inmate in solitary confinement? Then you want to read this article.
  • Criminal Justice Uniform Cost Report: Fiscal Years 2010 to 2012

    Cost per day information for various adult and juvenile correctional populations is determined.
  • Reinventing the Criminal Justice System--Justice Reinvestment

    The program interviews Dr. Nancy G. La Vigne, Director of the Justice Policy Center at The Urban Institute, regarding Justice Reinvestment.
  • Justice Reinvestment

    "Justice Reinvestment is a process used by a growing number of states to curb corrections costs, reduce offender recidivism and maintain public saf
  • Opportunities for Cost Savings in Corrections Without Sacrificing Service Quality: Inmate Health Care

    “This report lays out ways that departments of corrections can consider to reduce inmate medical costs without affecting high standards for inmate
  • Course Corrections Cost Calculator

    Parole and probation violations have an outsized effect on state prison populations.