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Fees paid by incarcerated individuals

  • Paying for Your Time: How Charging Inmates Fees Behind Bars May Violate the Excessive Fines Clause

    If you are thinking of implementing pay-for-stay, then you need to read this article.
  • Fines, Fees, and Bail: Payments in the Criminal Justice System That Disproportionately Impact the Poor

    "As the use of fixed monetary penalties has increased, many observers have raised concerns about the equity, legality and efficiency of these regre
  • A Cycle of Incarceration: Prison, Debt, and Bail Practices [Webinar]

    "Building on the Administration¹s commitment to criminal justice reform, the convening will bring together federal officials, state legislators and
  • Shackled to Debt: Criminal Justice Financial Obligations and the Barriers to Re-Entry They Create

    The "authors discuss the long-term and unintended consequences of criminal justice financial obligations (CJFOs): fines, forfeiture of property, co
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