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Leveraging the Every Student Succeeds Act to Improve Educational Services in Juvenile Justice Facilities (2018)

The goal of this policy brief is to provide state and local policymakers as well as education and juvenile justice leaders with information about how they can use requirements under ESSA to improve education and workforce outcomes for youth in long-term juvenile justice facilities.

Reconnecting Justice: Pathways to Effective Reentry though Education and Training

A video with experts discussing policy trends in correctional education and training with reentry opportunities that promote economic success.

Building Brighter Futures: Tools for Improving Academic and Career/Technical Education in the Juvenile Justice System: A Pennsylvania Example

This publication examines one initiative showing success in combating the problem of juvenile justice students struggling in school or dropping out.

Supporting Second Chances: Education and Employment Strategies for People Returning from Correctional Facilities

This brief highlights strategies for strengthening education and employment pathways for youth and adults returning from correctional facilities.

Health Literacy: Enhancing Access to Health Care for Justice-Involved Individuals [Webinar]

This webinar explains: what health literacy has to do with accessing health care.

Educational Technology in Corrections, 2015

This report informs corrections education professionals as they provide technologies to strengthen and expand educational and reentry services.

How Effective is Correctional Education, and Where Do We Go from Here? The Results of a Comprehensive Evaluation

This study examines the effectiveness of correctional education for adults and for juveniles, and the challenges associated with this programming.

Guiding Principles for Providing High-Quality Education in Juvenile Justice Secure Care Settings

This report focuses on five guiding principles for providing high-quality education in juvenile justice secure care settings.

What Works to Promote Educational Success for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System [Webinar]

This webinar discuss key strategies for providing high-quality education for youth in confinement, and successfully transition to community schools.              

The Federal Bonding Program: A US Department of Labor Initiative

This website explains the use of a FBP bond as a job placement tool by guaranteeing to the employer the job honesty of at-risk job seekers.


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